That Girl – Jewellery Care, Or Not

Ok, here we go…I admit it! I’m that girl.

Boy, that was good to get off my chest!

Here’s my promise to strangers and friends alike. I will no longer… sleep in my jewellery or wear it in my shower. I will no longer…wear it inside my sweaty mitts as I shovel the driveway (I promise to wait until my husband gets home and make him shovel it) or wash my hands in public bathrooms and do the lickety-split drip dry/wipe on my pants. I will no longer…throw my bracelets, earring or necklaces to the bottom of my purse where they will sit in purse purgatory until I am searching for a quarter to release a grocery cart and find them two months later.

I will instead follow the fashion jewellery bible.

I pledge here and now that I will…

1) Make jewellery the last thing on in the morning and the first thing off when I get home.

2) Avoid storing jewellery in the bathroom (and that includes leaving it on the counter for a few weeks because I hastily had to take it off while in mid-shower because I left it on by mistake and now I have ignored it while brushing my teeth for the last few weeks as it sat patiently there, oxidizing.)

3) Avoid jewellery tangle and maintain the finish by keeping the items separate. The most delicate pieces I will use plastic baggies for.

In all seriousness, we are talking about fashion jewellery! These are pieces that are simply for the next couple of years. While this is true, I have to admit that there are some things in my wardrobe that I just can’t live without! They have become my favs, my go-to’s. These are items that may not be worth very much to anyone but me. I feel confident in them. They complete a certain outfit that makes look thin, makes me look like I have a great “rack”or gives me the best bottom ever (all in my mind of course). But there’s the heart of it all “all in my mind, of course”. It’s all cerebral. Knowing that it’s all cerebral is comforting to me. I’m good with that. Until such time as I don’t care what others think and don’t dress to impress, I will put my jewellery in baggies and treat it like its worth a million even if it’s not. Cause I love that darn bracelet and those earring are the coolest things since sliced bread. LOL

Major no-no! Bottom of the purse jewellery diving.

Major no-no! Bottom of the purse jewellery diving.


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