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Style Sisters

Style Sisters

As stated in my mandate for this blog, my inspiration for writing this is the exciting discussions that happen at truck shows/styling sessions with the ladies I meet. Although, we always find portions of our lives and stresses similar, we are, of course, distinct in our own way. Our style is developed over time and is due, in part, to those who come in and out of our lives. I have found that it is heavily influenced by lifestyle and work.

One of the first shows I did was for sisters. These ladies have become so dear to me. They are so lovely in everyway. I just thought they made for the perfect first feature as they are the wonderful example of how our connection to those around us influence us and where their lives differ so does their connect to fashion. I have asked them to examine their style ascetic through a series of questions that are meant to match style with lifestyle.

Both of these ladies live extremely busy lives as single moms. They are on the go constantly. They are both fashion minded individuals who want to embrace current trends measured with quality and classic styling. This will be a two-part article.

Sisters Part 1 – Mena – Sexy Yoga Diva

All in a day's work! Upscale casual.

All in a day’s work! Upscale casual.

Mena, is the older of the two sisters and she is in a different stage of her life than Sandra. Her children are both teenagers and although Mena has some flexibility with her full-time job as a controller for a construction company, her evenings are packed full with teen tutoring and activities. Mena has a strong connection to healthy living and personal growth. She strives to fill her cup full of good. Good food, good friends, exercise and travel enriching experiences and her fashion choices show this! Her “go to fashion” for the moments in her life that are quiet are lulu pants and a “fashion never miss”, a crisp pair of white jeans. During the day she works in a construction office so dress clothes are out. She prefers to dress up her jeans with blouses and top the look off with jewellery. She does wear the occasional dress and misses the idea of dressing up for work.

Comfort for the quiet times

Comfort for the quiet times

When discussing colour in fashion she explains how this has changed for her dramatically from earthy tones of browns and purple hues, to coral and mint green, to her new favorite this year, hot pink. No matter her choice, she says that whenever she buys a top, if the store offers a version in black she picks up this one too! On an a side note, I think this is a brilliant way to love your wardrobe because no matter your mood, if you love the top but aren’t feeling the colour that day, you always have another option.

Her new fav - hot pink!

Her new fav – hot pink!

Mena has a strong sense of how to utilize her accessories in her daily life. She loves silver above all other metals but is trying to infuse more gold into her choices; especially rose gold, which would be perfect for her skin tone.

When discussing fashion influences, Mena first says that her real-life influence is her sister Sandra. Very sweet and a great way to solidify yourself a great gift next Christmas! As for famous influences she looks to Ivanka Trump and Jennifer Lopez.

Sexy but tasteful details

Sexy but tasteful details

As much as I think of Mena as a free spirit, I was surprised at how many rules she sets out for herself. I asked her to just lay it out for me in point form and what I received was not only a list of rules but also her own self reflection, full of things we dare not say to others but say in our heads on a daily basis. I wonder what this says as a statement for us as we grow. We create these lists in our minds and only fully see the results when we put pen to paper. This is interesting to me, as I don’t think my list would be any different.

  • Don’t wear flared skirts or dresses. They make me look like a little girl.
  • Don’t wear skirts below the knee. Make me look shorter. Unless it’s a full-length dress.
  • Everything I wear has to feel comfortable. No matter how good it may look on me or someone says it looks on me, if it’s not comfortable, I won’t buy it. I’m very picky about my fabrics.
  • Clothes must make my boobs look bigger.
  • Don’t wear things around my neck. Scarves. Turtlenecks. Don’t like how it feels.
  • Can’t wear the colour grey near my face. Washes me out.

Take Away Question

My question for all of us then is this…where in our minds do the rules cross over from truths about what we look good in to chains that are holding us back from looking and living like our true authentic selves? Believe me, I have tons of rules, one of which is never to wear words printed on any pant across my backside, but I do find myself looking at something on someone and saying, “I can’t wear that” and I think what I am saying is “I’m afraid what people will think of me if I wear that”. I am admittedly afraid to take that chance.

As a final fun exercise, I asked Mena to finish these statements and I absolutely love her answers.

I am most confident when…I am wearing something that makes me feel fabulous.

If I had to name my style it would be … Sexy yoga diva (Am I allowed to say that?)

Most of what I know about modern fashion comes from…paying attention to what other people wear and how I think they look in it.

I am heavily influenced by…the yoga lifestyle.

I will never wear…crocs.


Thank you Mena for taking a deep breath and being so honest. You truly are a Sexy Yoga Diva.

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