The Great Shirtdress Debate


As spring has finally appeared for the second time here in Ontario, fabrics are getting thinner, colours are getting lighter and to the horror of those sporting more varicose veins then they remembered, the hemlines are getting shorter.

Hunting for that perfect office to evening shirtdress is of the upmost importance. A key element to springtime dressing, which can be jacketed for the office or jeweled up and buttoned down slightly for that sexy after-work drink date.

Having said this I finding myself in the “far too common” change room self-argument. With my age, such as it is and the salesperson’s obvious youthful glow, I dare not ask them the burning question “Is it a shirt or is it a dress?”.

I well know what any lovely, thin, childless, vein-less, twenty year old would tell me with eyes a-rolling. She would look at me, those un-swollen ankles taunting me balanced on 4-inch heels, and simply say, “I would wear it as a dress”.

Here’s my rule, my new shirtdress mantra…if you are asking yourself “the question” then it is most definitely a SHIRT!

Walk away or buy some slick pencil thin 60s inspired capris for underneath. Know in your heart that that particular shirtdress is not for you. Don’t buy it and then discover the moment you have to pick up your three year old that you made a big mistake and the whole kinder gym just saw “London” and just saw “France”.

A length that won't make you "blush".

A length that won’t make you “blush”.

Have faith. That perfect shirtdress is just around the corner, on that next rack.

Be daring with colour - not length!

Be daring with colour – not length!

Orange is the new "black". Freshly paired with navy.

Orange is the new “black”. Freshly paired with navy.

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