Featured Fashionista – Lesley – Versatile Business Casual

Colour blocking with comfort

Colour blocking with comfort

Today’s Real-life Fashionista Feature is the wonderful Lesley!

This is an example of someone I met through my business and I was absolutely stunned by her confidence and sense of styled self! This super cool exec is all about “business” from her colour coded activities fridge calendar for her and her two teens down to her high-heeled, knee-high boots!

These Boot are Made For...

These Boot are Made For…

She’s a styled Mama with a busy travel schedule and has been juggling this, up until very recently, all on her own. Her special “Mom Moments” happen at night when the kids are going to bed and they open up about their day, their struggles and the hopes for the next day. As time seems to be precious for this Mom, as it is for many of us, she explains how style flexibility and layering has become her go to mantra!

Comfort over comfort helps her get through the day!

Comfort over comfort helps her get through the day!

Although sporting jeans to the arena, she relishes in topping off her cardigans with a colourful scarf and heels with inches for days!

Silver with a pop of colour!

Silver with a pop of colour!

With a passion for rings and bracelets she claims laughingly that ten fingers and two wrists are simply not enough. Silver, silver and more silver please.

Simple and silver

Simple and silver

She looks for clothing pieces that are versatile and require low maintenance. If only all clothes came with a no dry cleaning, no ironing and no hanging combined sign.

This blond beauty looks to her real-life fashion icons, her parents, who she explains are always well put together from tip to toe. She chooses to wear pops of colour like pink, purple and blue but generally gravitates to black, simple to hide the evitable coffee stains.

Not a fan of her mid-section, Lesley chooses to use layering to provide coverage and comfort. Cotton pieces that float over the area and slim pants that hug those fantastic gams!

Great Gams!

Great Gams!

Take Away Question

My question for all of us then is this… Is there a part of your body, that you aren’t a fan of, that is a pivotal part of your dressing and buying criteria? Does it affect your buying habits? Would you be willing to spend more just to hide or downplay it?

As a final fun exercise, I always ask my featured ladies to answer the following questions. They always provide me with a little insight and a little giggle as I realize again why I fell in love with these ladies at our first meeting. Here are Lesley’s answers.

I am most confident when I am wearing…heels – higher the better!

If I had to name my style it would be…versatile business casual

Most of what I know about modern fashion comes from…reading twitter, GQ, footwear news and doing lots of window shopping!

I am heavily influenced by…my kids!

I will never wear…gold jewellery, green clothes, fringes, pleats and high-waisted pants!

Big smile, big spirit!

Big smile, big spirit!

Quite frankly, Lesley, I don’t understand high-waisted pants either. lol

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