Not By the Hair of My Chinny-Chin-Chin

So I guess I’m m-m-m-middle age. Boy, that was hard to choke out. Let me tell you how I know this to be true.

It’s all about hair right now! Underages and overages.

You’ve witnessed my change into grey/natural hair from bottle brown. My year-long struggle to try to match the grey I have coming in which is sporadic and spotty at best. God bless my hairdresser.

Oh but that’s not all. I have also won the female baldness gene as a prize for the final round. Thank you Monty Hall! And if you remember that name then you can feel my pain for sure!

But wait, there’s more! I lose hair on my head but gain nipple hair and about 5 of the most stubborn, fastest growing follicles on my chin, as plain as the nose on my face! Can we just stop here and talk about these little chin buggers, ladies? How in the world are these little monsters making an appearance so quickly? I mean, I meticulously hunt them down on a daily basis and heaven help me if I’m in a rush and don’t check in and confer with my pore-magnifying mirror one morning!! That’s the day that I’ll be out with my girlz and realize I have a giant black hair waving hello to everyone I talk to.

Give me strength.

How in the world do they sneak up on you? Why are they so much darker than my natural brown?

They have turned me into a paranoid chin-checking-tweezing freak! Throw in a hot flash now and then and you’ve witnessed my new found charming hairy chinned, sweaty self!

Love to you all,




5 thoughts on “Not By the Hair of My Chinny-Chin-Chin

  1. I’m 31, and I have 3 of those annoying little chin hairs. I pluck them and a few days later, I feel my chin and find they came back and are about as long as they were when I plucked them. These suckers grow so fast too.


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