Business Women’s Brunch at Pheasant Run Golf Course


A little frizzy due to the beautiful weather but ready to talk style!


Kristen Lacey Events and Machete Marketing Inc. teamed up this past July for a ‘Women In Business Bruncheon’! Networking, mimosas, fashion, summer business tips and prizes!! Who could ask for more! Fashion donations were accepted at registration for the Dress for Success Barrie/Orillia Chapter.

Here’s an overview of my Fashion Segment!

I want ladies to be inspired and excited to add items to their wardrobe that are not only a true reflection of who they are but also speaks volumes about their professionalism and spirit.

There is value in elevating your image and that, reflects directly on your personal branding.

Here are some of the beautiful pieces shown that day from Banana Republic, H&M and Torrid in the Upper Canada Mall, Newmarket!

Dresses are a great way to get you through the summer. These pieces are basics that will bring you straight into fall with a jacket or a sweater.


Nothing like a silky safari! Digging the higher waistline, forgiving pleats and pockets that are small and sit higher on the chest. TREND: rounded side slits. Dress from Banana Republic, seen here with the Jacqueline Tassel from Stella & Dot


Tennis inspired maxi in sorbet tones balanced with navy. Fabulous for a wedding or evening wear. Pleats allow for movement. TREND: Faux ties at shoulder, pleated skirt, sporty prep in alternative colour scheme. Dress from Banana Republic paired with Astor Sparkle Strand from Stella & Dot



Fun nautical shorts with cream base paired with silky cream top and citron cardi! Perfect for going out with a kitten heel. The sweater and the scarf help when in air conditioned spaces. All from Banana Republic seen here with Trove Tassel Pendant from Stella & Dot.


Business Casual Fav! Striped layered swing top in khaki and navy paired with white jeans both from Banana Republic and seen here with half of the Genevieve Tassel necklace from Stella & Dot.


Cream (almost blush) floral embroidered peplum top paired with these fabulous wide leg cropped pant in a liquid charcoal shark skin finish! I love these moody tones together! Clothes: Banana Republic, Jolie Sparkle Necklace: Stella & Dot



Sticking with moody tones, here is a classic blouse in mushroom with a tapered cigarette, tux style pant in black. Both from H&M. This is where you can really layer on the bling! Setta Necklace doubled and the Victoria Pendant (S&D)


Let’s get ultra sexy in this pairing from Torrid!! Start with this long sleeve floral top, perfect with blousy styling thanks to elastic synching at the waist! You can wear this with a simple black pant or fun jeans but I’ve shown it here with a super, form fitting, jersey pencil skirt with faux lacing. TREND: Criss-cross lacing up the back of the blouse and down the slit of the skirt. Seen here with the York Necklace (S&D).

Dresses with details!

First, let’s look at this summery take on the LBD. I fell in love with the flower appliqués! It’s a simple, classically styled dress.

Second is a white, fully lined trapeze dress. It’s all about the legs in this one!

Both are from H&M. Stay away from necklaces with these. Pair with a chandelier earring and an amazing statement clutch for the biggest bang!!




50 Ladies joined us for this event. Shame I only got this one pic.


Fashion is fun Carrie!! I’m way too serious!!


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Thanks to Kristen Lacey Event, Machete Marketing Inc., the staff at Banana Republic, H&M and Torrid and all the ladies who came out and made this a lovely event!


Carrie-Ann Nihmey-Smye


Slow Start to Spring

Last weekend I could be found at the Georgina Home & Lifestyle Show introducing women to Spring and Summer Fashions (insert chuckle here). I have to laugh because here in Ontario when spring finally arrives it will be more than welcome! Over the last few days I have witnessed neighbours back in their winter jackets and booties. So to show spring and summer styling seems like I may be jumping the gun and as a result layering became a huge focus of the talk. So out of the 28 combinations shown for this talk here are some of my favourites!

First up, this fabulous tailored button up shirt with chevron vest, low sheen blazer and tasseled 1920’s inspired skirt. All of the pieces are from Banana Republic and paired with  The York Statement Necklace and Gold Slim City clutch from Stella & Dot.

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I’m also loving the flexibility of this pairing! You can play it cool with this micro-striped, lined dress shorts and then for warmth, top it with this ruffled khaki jacket! The brilliant blouse is an off-the-shoulder style and gives you the trend in spades (and here’s the best part… the ruffled section is fabulous for covering the upper arm). All three pieces are from Banana Republic and paired with the Garland Fringe Necklace from Stella & Dot.

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There is a certain amount of ease that the spring and summer affords us. The joy is that we can bring in a great linen pant! So here we have a generous legged linen in sand colour, a chambray off-the shoulder blouse, straw hat with striped navy and white hat band and chunky jean heel all from Joe Fresh paired with a mushroom leather and suede saddle bag and neck scarf from Stella & Dot. Notice the pattern play with the bold stripe on the hat and the playful pattern on the neck scarf.

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This is a great combo for both day and evening. A saturated palm tunic paired with slim fitting rockstar jeans, both from Old Navy. Add some bling with gold shiny slides from H&M and the Amala Pendant from Stella & Dot.


So let’s stick with long sleeve tunics and play with this dark navy striped tunic from Old Navy paired first with the linen pants from Joe Fresh and then the playful pineapple shorts from Old Navy. The white and saddle coloured slides are from Joe Fresh and the Setta Layering Necklace is from Stella & Dot.

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So you love the romper look but are having a hard time finding one that fits you in the rise. Check out this pairing from Banana Republic! Formal and lined, textured shorts and matching vest top in cream with a grey-blue sparkle running throughout. Switch it up with a grey Logan dress pant and knit cardigan all from Banana Republic. Both combos are seen here with the Antonia Tassel Necklace from Stella & Dot.

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Let’s go on safari with these combos! Comfy pants, cami top, loose knit cardigan and light beige braided, faux suede sandals from Old Navy. The Fringe necklace in mushroom is from Stella & Dot. The brilliant tile print one piece bathing suit and animal print sandals are from Joe Fresh.

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Let’s play with stripes and florals with some beauties from Banana Republic! Get brave ladies!!

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Thank you to all the ladies who joined me at the Georgina Home & Lifestyle Show and special thanks goes out to the ladies at Banana Republic in the Upper Canada Mall.

If you want your own styling session for a women’s group or corporate function please send me a message.



Carrie xoxo


Networking with a Net!

Let’s talk about fashion for women in business during this coming spring and summer networking season!

First of all, I want to thank FemCity Toronto for having me as their guest speaker for their April 2017 Meeting. They are a group of interconnected business women who continually support and lift one another up in both business and friendship.



Photo: Photography by Anna Lena (January Meeting)

The main focus of the evening was how to dress to network in the casual style of networking opportunities you find yourself in during the spring and summer months. Restaurant/Patio Gatherings and BBQ Style Get Togethers with co-workers, neighbours, family and friends can be difficult to navigate. It’s important to represent your authentic self but to always look like someone everyone would like to do business with or recommend to a friend.

So we covered everything from a chilly air-conditioned office setting to sitting in the sun on a patio. Casual meet ups while on the go and BBQ afternoons where a bathing suit may be required. We discovered 25 different combinations (only some are pictured below).

Special thanks to Joyce Harris and the helpful ladies at Banana Republic in the Upper Canada Mall.


Ready to Begin


Please support the girls and keep this one for another time!!


Action Shot


Lovely Shirt Dress wild floral from Banana Republic with long jean vest from Gap


Here are some of the pieces highlighted.

Stunning off-the-shoulder dress from Banana Republic. Paired with a striped clutch and pendant necklace from Stella & Dot.

*Trend Colours – Flame, Lapis Blue, Kale and Greenery!

* Trend Alert – Off the Shoulder Style


Off-the-Shoulder Blouse, Throwback Jacket and Sculpt Skinny Jeans from Banana Republic. Love the texture mixing!!

*Trend Alert – Bold coloured nautical stripes going in different directions.



This was the casual take for this blouse. Beautiful cotton sleeveless striped blouse from Banana Republic, Silk Neck Scarf from Stella & Dot and micro striped pumps from Old Navy!

*Trend Alert – Brave pattern mixing.

*Trend Alert- Nautical Stripes going in different directions.


Fabulous Scalloped Blouse from Banana Republic first paired with a variety of blush and nude tones then paired with a print pant and striped clutch.

Mushroom saddle bag, striped clutch, neutral fringe necklace and layered silver necklace from Stella & Dot. Pale Pink Avery Pant and Patterned Black and White Pant from Banana Republic.


White jeans are a great addition to your wardrobe! I showed three different pairs. Sculpt Skinny and Curvy Mid-Rise from Old Navy and Girlfriend Embroidered from Gap. Paired here with a sexy, bra strap hiding, side tie blouse from Banana Republic and a animal print basic cami that will take you straight into the fall also from Banana Republic. Gold slides are from H&M and the gold thongs are from Old Navy.  Both pendant style, beaded, tassel necklaces are from Stella & Dot.


In the cool and casual category we have these pairings from Gap and Old Navy. Looks finished with Stella & Dot jewellery and sunnies.

*Trend Alert – dresses worn as tunics and pairing stripes with florals!!


Beautiful floral dress and tan jacket from Banana Republic. Notice the flattering v-neckline and the tummy friendly pleat front.


Shorts and bathing suits! Loved playing with these nautical style shorts! Stripes and arrows all the way!! For bathing suits wear a supportive piece with a matching cover up, bag and towel. Play with patterns in black and white!! Shorts and striped sweater from Banana Republic, both bathing suits are from Old Navy, both bags and all necklaces are from Stella & Dot.

*Trend Alert – Bold nautical stripes in Pale Dogwood and Flame

*Trend Alert – Big 80’s inspired prep necklaces


When you choose to add to your wardrobe this season look for items that are sexy but appropriate. Think in layers and groupings to make the most of your purchases. Have fun and always, always, always finish the look!


Carrie xoxo


Not By the Hair of My Chinny-Chin-Chin

So I guess I’m m-m-m-middle age. Boy, that was hard to choke out. Let me tell you how I know this to be true.

It’s all about hair right now! Underages and overages.

You’ve witnessed my change into grey/natural hair from bottle brown. My year-long struggle to try to match the grey I have coming in which is sporadic and spotty at best. God bless my hairdresser.

Oh but that’s not all. I have also won the female baldness gene as a prize for the final round. Thank you Monty Hall! And if you remember that name then you can feel my pain for sure!

But wait, there’s more! I lose hair on my head but gain nipple hair and about 5 of the most stubborn, fastest growing follicles on my chin, as plain as the nose on my face! Can we just stop here and talk about these little chin buggers, ladies? How in the world are these little monsters making an appearance so quickly? I mean, I meticulously hunt them down on a daily basis and heaven help me if I’m in a rush and don’t check in and confer with my pore-magnifying mirror one morning!! That’s the day that I’ll be out with my girlz and realize I have a giant black hair waving hello to everyone I talk to.

Give me strength.

How in the world do they sneak up on you? Why are they so much darker than my natural brown?

They have turned me into a paranoid chin-checking-tweezing freak! Throw in a hot flash now and then and you’ve witnessed my new found charming hairy chinned, sweaty self!

Love to you all,



Using a Little More “Grey Matter”

Whether it’s a smart thing to do or not (get it?) I have been completely obsessed this year with getting back to my roots.

I don’t mean discovering where I’m from. Oh no, I’m not that complicated. What I was searching for was much more on the surface! I was literally looking to bring my hair colour back to its present natural tones by any means necessary!!

Those of you who know me you can acknowledge that this transition has been slow and continues to plague me as I search for the perfect way to GROW IN THAT GREY!!

In an earlier blog post I talked about how we, as women, finally come around to those big style decisions to change our look whether for personal or professional reasons and for me this has been a biggie.

On consult with several hair stylists over the last 8 months I have been a variety of blond and wheat tones and today my highlights are finally grey thus allowing my 3 inch roots to continue to grow out.

I thought I should post these pictures to help any of you who might be looking to do the same.

Yours truly,

Carrie xoxo


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