Travel with Ease! Perfect away outfit

Travel with Ease! Perfect away outfit

Fendi off shoulder dress
3,035 CAD –

Alexander McQueen jean jacket
2,120 CAD –

Elina Linardaki leather shoes
385 CAD –

Stella Dot tote handbag
130 CAD –

Stella Dot layered necklace
130 CAD –

Stella Dot cuff jewelry
58 CAD –

Victoria Beckham round sunglasses
650 CAD –


Ordinary Day

Ordinary Day

Thierry Mugler turtleneck top
615 CAD –

Steve Madden coat
53 CAD –

Balmain skinny jeans
975 CAD –

Adidas originals shoes
140 CAD –

Stella Dot handbag
195 CAD –

Stella Dot tassel necklace
105 CAD –

Stella Dot leather wrap bracelet
77 CAD –

Yves Saint Laurent aviator glasses
455 CAD –

Black fur hat
245 CAD –

Using a Little More “Grey Matter”

Whether it’s a smart thing to do or not (get it?) I have been completely obsessed this year with getting back to my roots.

I don’t mean discovering where I’m from. Oh no, I’m not that complicated. What I was searching for was much more on the surface! I was literally looking to bring my hair colour back to its present natural tones by any means necessary!!

Those of you who know me you can acknowledge that this transition has been slow and continues to plague me as I search for the perfect way to GROW IN THAT GREY!!

In an earlier blog post I talked about how we, as women, finally come around to those big style decisions to change our look whether for personal or professional reasons and for me this has been a biggie.

On consult with several hair stylists over the last 8 months I have been a variety of blond and wheat tones and today my highlights are finally grey thus allowing my 3 inch roots to continue to grow out.

I thought I should post these pictures to help any of you who might be looking to do the same.

Yours truly,

Carrie xoxo


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Snowday Inspiration, warm and cozy! Bring on that freezing rain!

Snowday Inspiration, warm and cozy! Bring on that freezing rain!

Whistles camel top
190 CAD –

Protagonist brown coat
1,345 CAD –

Skinny jeans
33 CAD –

Gianvito Rossi high heel boots
485 CAD –

Stella Dot necklace
150 CAD –

Urban Decay eyeshadow
61 CAD –

MAC Cosmetics lipstick
22 CAD –

Haven Ear Climber | Stella & Dot
45 CAD –

Stylist Lounge : Stella & Dot
39 CAD –

What Are You Doing New Years Eve?

What Are You Doing New Years Eve?

Cut out shoulder top
12 CAD –

Tara Jarmon brown skirt
590 CAD –

Jimmy Choo leopard pumps
585 CAD –

Dolce Gabbana structured purse
3,990 CAD –

Stella Dot stella dot jewelry
79 CAD –

Stella Dot stella dot jewelry
52 CAD –

Holland Cooper fur shawl
430 CAD –

Stylist Lounge : Stella & Dot
52 CAD –

Saturday morning inspiration

Saturday morning inspiration

Jack Wills blue top
100 CAD –

Carven pattern coat
705 CAD –

Philipp Plein destroyed jeans
880 CAD –

Proenza Schouler leather ankle boots
880 CAD –

Fendi tortoise shell glasses
320 CAD –

Stylist Lounge : Stella & Dot
100 CAD –

Stylist Lounge : Stella & Dot
87 CAD –

Stylist Lounge : Stella & Dot
52 CAD –

Be a Little Wicked Today! Simple Glamour for Real Women

Be a Little Wicked Today! Simple Glamour for Real Women

IRO ivory blouse
530 CAD –

Salvatore Santoro leather waistcoat
1,345 CAD –

Topshop floral printed skirt
155 CAD –

Max Studio peep-toe ankle booties
240 CAD –

Stella Dot gold clutch
66 CAD –

Cast iron planter
1,605 CAD –

Witch Broom
6.90 CAD –

Colours of the Season

Colours of the Season

Stella Dot necklace
210 CAD –

Stella Dot stella dot jewelry
155 CAD –

Stella Dot enamel jewelry
78 CAD –

Stella Dot stella dot jewelry
58 CAD –

Yves Saint Laurent silk top
1,970 CAD –

River Island short mini skirt
65 CAD –

Alexander McQueen platform shoes
535 CAD –

Stella Dot leather lamp
65 CAD –

Stylist Lounge : Stella & Dot
45 CAD –

Stylist Lounge : Stella & Dot
24 CAD –



Just recently my bestie and I were discussing Madonna. Both of us are over forty and what prompted this chat was a feeling that as we were both out shopping for an upcoming conference, we had both experienced ageism in particular stores. For me, it was one of the stores that I shop at quite frequently and I am often upset when I leave. So this started off our discussion about reinventing ourselves (the Madonna effect), keeping up with the times, how exhausting it all is, where is the comfort level and where is the breaking point. This all got me to thinking about what I am doing lately to try and up my game. Here is one major change I have made and here is the story of another friend of mine, Michelle who took 8 months to decide what she would like to do with her look for completely different reasons.

So my biggest struggle is with grey roots. As many of my friends know I am constantly trying new products and bouncing back and forth between salon and home treatments for my root coverage. I have had grey hair since I was 21 so now I am 90% on the top of my head like a skunk stripe and the percentage goes down to about 2% just above my ears. So full grow out is not an option right now. My roots have to be done every 3 weeks. Gross!!

Roots are hidden in this pic but believe me they are covered in temporary brown spray!!

Roots are hidden in this pic but believe me they are covered in temporary brown spray!!

Here is the solution I am now going for this summer and we’ll see what the fall brings. I have decided to let my “blond” out to play. My hairdresser has done full highlights in a variety of tones and rather than putting the lighter near the bottom, she has done it at the top. Over the next few visits I will have her continue to add blond highlights and leave the grey and see what comes in. I made the decision over the course of a weekend and am determined to play it out through the summer.


Freaking out, big time!!

Freaking out, big time!!

You're pretty….

You’re pretty….

On the way home

On the way home

Let's see if these follicles are more "fun"!

Let’s see if these follicles are more “fun”!

My friend Michelle on the other hand has been chatting with me on and off over the last 8 months about needing a major refresher. Michelle Major is the Owner of Foxglove Design in Aurora, Ontario. As an Interior Designer she, by nature, looks for creative ways to revitalize and refresh so, it only stands to reason that when someone like this feels that it is time for a new look it isn’t a fleeting thought for them. It is in fact, an idea that grabs hold until she is ready to take that leap. Just recently she told me that the moment was right, things had been falling into place and when the opportunity presented itself in the form of a bridal party trip to the hair salon to test hairstyles for friend’s big day, she had already done all the metal prep she needed to just go for it!

Michelle: Before

Michelle: Before

“People take 30 seconds to make an assessment about you, your work and even if they want to work with you. Looking put together is really important to me. Far more important than looking younger. I just found lately that I was looking too severe and needed to soften my face. This is only the beginning. I will continue to lighten the colour little by little.”

A very happy Michelle: After

A very happy Michelle: After

So I guess both Michelle and I “pulled a Madonna” even though we came about it by two different roads and at two different speeds. Overall the lesson is about an honest assessment of the authentic self we present publically and how that influences how we feel about ourselves and how others feel about us on first meeting.




Ch-ch-ch-ch Changes

Ch-ch-ch-ch Changes

Special thanks to Michelle Major at Foxglove in Aurora for being such a good sport and my hairdresser, Jessica Amaro from Curio Hair and Body in Newmarket for taking chances with me and being a great friend through this journey.